SB59 Needs Our Help - As time draws closer to the vote of SB59 We need to be contacting our Congressmen and Sheriff's asking them to support SB59.  If you are tounge tied or not real good with words use the following...

Hi, My name is (insert your name) and I live in (insert the name of your city or township).  I’m calling to ask my elected Sheriff to support SB 59 S3 in its unamended form as it was passed by the Senate Natural Resources committee.  I have heard the Michigan Sheriffs’ Association opposes the bill.  I’m hoping the association’s view on this bill does not accurately reflect my elected Sheriff’s position.  I’m hoping my Sheriff will take immediate action to actively and publicly support SB59.  If s/he’d like to know how they can best help support this bill s/he should call Senator Mike Green’s office at  (517) 373-1777  to find out more.

You can find your sheriff's offices here