I am a beginner; can I take the CCW/CPL course? Yes, you can! Our instruction and staff are accommodating of new and advanced shooters. If you are concerned about gun handling, operation, or use of your firearm, you should take us up on our free one on one lesson. We can go over any and all concerns you may have.

I don't have my own firearm. Can I still take the class? Yes, no problem. We have .22lr pistols you may use at no additional cost. This cost includes ammo.

Why doesn’t the CPL class cover drawing from a holster and more concealed carry techniques? Where can I learn this information? MuskegonCPL offers an advanced training course that goes over these vary details. You can find out more about it by contacting us HERE

What should I bring to class?
  • You should bring the following:
  • Clothing for the weather – we will be shooting outside
  • We provide water and coffee, If you would like something else, please bring it
  • Eye and ear protection if you have it, otherwise, we will provide it
  • A baseball cap
  • No sandals, flip-flops, or open toe shoes
  • No low cut shirts – brass is very hot. 
Do I need a Concealed Pistol License to buy my first handgun? No, you can purchase a firearm by going to a FFL Dealer such as J&R GUNS. They will fill out the paper work and do a back ground check right then and there.

Do I have to take the class in the county I live in? No. This class is nationally recognized and I can teach it anywhere in the United States. Our CPL classes meet the requirements of Section 5j of PA 372 which is required by the State of Michigan to obtain your CPL.

After I take your class, what do I have to do to get my actual permit? First you must take your completed application along with the certificate of completion that was presented to you at the end of class to the County Clerks Office of the county you live in. There, you will submit your application, the application fee ($105.00) and your two passport photos. The county clerk will then give you a receipt that you will take to the Sheriff's department. There, your fingerprints will be taken and they will run a background check. If you are in Muskegon County, they will run your background check, and mail your permit. Other counties may take longer or require a hearing.

How long will it take to get my CPL?
If you are in Muskegon County, it should take between 30 and 90 days.

What are pistol free zones? Pistol free zones are places where you can’t carry a CONCEALED pistol. You can find the list HERE. Depending on the pistol free zone, you may be able to open carry.

What is Considered Concealed?

MCL 750.227  allows you to carry a concealed pistol if you are in your home, place of business, or on other land possessed by you.  If you do not possess the land, you may lawfully carry the pistol as long as you carry it non-concealed.  Michigan appellate courts have held complete invisibility is not required for the weapon to be considered concealed.  The weapon is concealed if it is not observed by those casually observing the person as people do in the ordinary and usual associations of life.  Attorney General's opinion #3158 dated February 14, 1945, states a pistol carried in a holster or belt outside of the clothing in plain view is not considered concealed, but carrying under a coat would constitute concealed.

Is it possible to have my felony record from 20 years ago cleared so I can purchase a firearm? 

MCL 780.621  Allows a person to apply to have their felony conviction set-aside if it is their only conviction. If/when the set-aside is granted, you would be eligible to purchase or possess a firearm.

MCL 750.224f  If the felony conviction was "non-specified", you would be eligible to possess a firearm eight years after the date of conviction or confinement and 3 years after release from probation or parole, whichever is the later date, if that date is before July 1, 2001. If the date is after July 1, 2001, only a set-aside, expungement, or pardon would allow you to possess a firearm.

If the felony conviction was "specified", you must either have been granted a restoration of your firearms rights by your local county gun board prior to July 1, 2001, or have a set-aside, expungement or pardon. A "specified" felony is one in which 1 or more of following circumstances exist: An element of that felony is the use, attempted use, or threatened use of physical force against the person or property of another, or that by its nature, involves a substantial risk that physical force against the person or property of another may be used in the course of committing the offense. An element of that felony is the unlawful manufacture, possession, importation, exportation, distribution, or dispensing of a controlled substance. An element of that felony is the unlawful possession or distribution of a firearm. An element of that felony is the unlawful use of an explosive. The felony is burglary of an occupied dwelling, or breaking and entering an occupied dwelling, or arson.

Is it okay if I loan my pistol to a friend? 

MCL 28.432   An individual can carry, possess, use or transport a pistol belonging to another individual, if the pistol is properly licensed under the Act, and the individual carrying, possessing, using or transporting the pistol has obtained a license to carry a pistol concealed permit from Michigan.